Tony FJ.

Hi, it’s Tony from Profitable Tradie. Now, we run a coaching group for trade businesses across Australia and New Zealand. And recently, Salena Kulkarni presented to our group at one of our two-day events. Now, Salena runs a brilliant system for the Million Dollar Wealth System, and her presentation to our group was… It was a mind-altering experience. Now, in the wealth creation industry, what I’ve found is that there’s a lot of pretenders and people who, now frankly, I think have got some questionable motives. And, basically, there’s some dodgy dealers, but Salena is the real deal. Now, her presentation was incredibly thoughtful. It was very holistic, in that, it wasn’t just about creating wealth, it was about doing it in a way that creates legacy for the long term and it was very thoughtful even down to thinking about how you teach your children about wealth and why that’s really important.

Our members and I found it completely eye-opening, opened our eyes to opportunities that we just did not know exist, particularly, in the Australian general market where investing in property is… It’s a challenge to get the cash flow you want. And her strategies were just brilliant in the sense that it’s going to give people the opportunity to invest for good yields and good cash flow. I think that’s hugely helpful in the current climate.

And just as an aside, look, working with Salena was a brilliant experience for me. When we get speakers to come and talk to our group, we’re always really concerned at that they’re top quality, and Salena just delivered in spades. Very professional, very thoughtful. And if you have a group that you work with and you want someone to really open their mind to the opportunities around wealth creation, I’d highly recommend that you get Salena to talk to your group. Ultimate professional, great presentation, and we really appreciated what she did for our group. And, myself personally, I’m really looking forward to talking to her more about how her systems can help us and our wealth creation strategies, as well.

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