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Semi-Retired Business Consultant Catapulting Investing Income by 3X-5X Over 3 Years

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Another investing case study

In this case study, Al and Sue share how they plan to catapult their investment income over the next three years by diversifying their investments into alternative investments paying sustainable, predictable cash flow.


Read the Case Study


Book a call with Salena to discover how you can catapult your investing results


Read the Case Study


Book a call with Salena to discover how you can catapult your investing results

Who are the clients?

Al & Sue are a couple who have been active investors for most of their lives. They have amassed a solid net worth predominantly in managed funds and shares.

Al has been a partner in several accounting firms and is now works as a mentor to many businesses on a part-time basis.

Al & Sue R., ACT

“For many years I was very busy & focused building, growing & managing a business, this bore strong fruit in capital accumulation & business value growth, however, I chose to delegate the investment & management of that capital to traditional financial planners. The result was long-term poor returns.

The choice always seemed to be between low returns to provide capital security or stronger returns requiring significant risks. One financial planner was more “aggressive” & involved us in primary production products all of which failed & resulted in very significant real losses.

Once I sold my business & achieved semi-retirement, I decided it was time I took greater control. As I assessed investment options available in Australia, it became clear that “stronger safer deals” (ie – yielding 10+%) were difficult to find in current markets without access to proven networks. Thus I started contacting people in my existing network for guidance & recalled Salena was involved in property investments from long ago – I made contact & the rest is history! ?

We joined Freedom Warrior because we didn’t want to “re-invent the wheel”. We wanted to leverage off proven methodology, access trusted proven dealmakers & deals that afforded capital security & stronger returns.

This has fast-tracked us and given us greater control of our investment performance management. We wanted to be part of a group of like-minded people that provided an opportunity to collaborate & learn together.

What challenges did they have?

Al and Sue are well versed in investing and have been involved in some exciting investments over time, including property syndications and other schemes.

Although they have a good asset base behind them, the cash flow from their investments was poor, and they would have been forced to start consuming the capital eventually.

Even though they have good local networks and could get access to development sites and syndications, the projects were often slow-moving, reliant on a buoyant market and ultimately did little to produce cash flow.

They sought a viable investment strategy to get them to the passive income position they wanted in the shortest possible time. They wanted the freedom to start travelling and pursuing personal passions but cared deeply about leaving behind a financial legacy.

What Did Freedom Warrior Do for them?

The starting point was to build out a detailed Investment Acceleration Strategy. We documented their goals, the structures they would need, the estimated capital they would inject over time and the specific strategies that might be suitable.

Once this was clear, we mapped out some forecasts for how different courses of action would impact results over time. This made it easy to identify the investments that aligned with their plan and which ones did not.

Al & Sue already had high financial literacy to educate them on the strategies inside of the alternate space very quickly. They were very methodical about going through a lot of the training on the membership site and organised their questions and thoughts well.

From the buffet of investment opportunities and trusted adviser network, they quickly identified the top preferred opportunities and, through personal introductions, began conversations to kick off their investing journey.

Their preferences so far have been towards more hands-off investments. They have divided their investment capital into opportunities to deliver the best returns to allow compounding and deliver cash flow immediately.

In particular, they are attracted to the small private fund model, which allows them to diversify across different investment types, geographies and invest with many different teams and individuals.

They are on track to producing a high 6-figure income from their new investments and are excited about the prospect of never having to go looking for deals. Instead, they can proactively plan where to put their capital gradually over time.

The investments they are interested in capitalising on market turbulence and do not require a rising market to deliver the projected returns.

Because of access to the buffet of premium deal flow, their plan will likely be achieved within three years.

New timeline to hitting financial goals Average annual NET ROI on new investments
3 Years 8-12%
New timeline to hitting financial goals Average annual NET ROI on new investments
3 Years 8-12%
Al & Sue R., ACT

Having a background in business & finance meant I understood most of the principles & ideas quickly. On the other hand Sue, hasn’t had great experience with finance, has found the educational basis of the program really valuable in growing her understanding & confidence. We have also found the strategic planning opportunities valuable, particularly relating to the development of our Family Charter & legacy objectives, including a family bank facility to help our kids sooner, both with financial education and funding support of their wealth development choices.

It is a community that has great potential, and expect it will build into a great supportive network of friends.

The impact on our goals is that we have greater confidence our capital base doesn’t need to grow significantly to achieve financial independence AND allow us to put in place legacy opportunities for our kids sooner.

We are excited about delivering on the planned & forecasted outcomes & being more “in the driver’s seat” than ever before! We now have far greater peace of mind & confidence in the quality of life choices we have for ourselves & our kids. Finally, building our own wealth management system that has the ability to support us, our kids & future generations.”

Do You Want To Catapult Your Investing Results?

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