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Managing Partner of Successful Accounting Firm Now Bringing Focus to Building Income Outside the Business

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Another investing case study

Craig is a talented accountant who has spent the bulk of his career investing in his businesses and other businesses. While this has proved to be lucrative at times, Craig was now seeking more options around building income streams which did not rely on his sweat equity.


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Book a call with Salena to discover how you can catapult your investing results


Read the Case Study


Book a call with Salena to discover how you can catapult your investing results

Who are the clients?

Craig is the managing partner of a successful accounting practice in the Goldcoast. He is well loved by his clients and enjoys his role as an accountant for other successful business owners.

Their focus before joining Freedom Warrior had been on investing in shares and other businesses.

Craig B., QLD

As a business owner, like many others, my main investment has been my business to grow it to where it is now. We’ve invested in shares and other businesses, but had never invested in property before.

I’m 50 now, so my focus is on how I get to the end point (of wealth) as soon as I can, with as much money as possible and have a good transition into retirement, or doing what I want to do.

I look at the crap return you get on rental properties, and I’ve got a lot of clients who have had investment properties that they have had for 20 years and they haven’t hardly gone up in value. And even the share market goes up and down.

What challenges did they have?

Craig had invested in many other businesses and in the share market in the past, but had primarily focused on reinvesting into the growth of his business. While he is now running a successful accounting firm, he recognises the need to build a parallel income from other sources.

What Did Freedom Warrior Do for them?

Freedom Warrior has helped educate Craig on the pros and cons of many new strategies that he had not previously been aware of.

A detailed analysis of how he currently manages profit and capital has created a clear pathway to building a six-figure income outside his business over the next 5 years.

By helping him to understand the potential outcomes and opportunity costs of different decisions, we set out a plan to reduce his current lifestyle burn rate and siphon business profits to maximise the speed to goal.

As part of his journey, he has been introduced to deal makers and A-grade investment opportunities beyond the reach of most investors.

Craig B., QLD

When I spoke to Salena, I really liked the idea of good returns and being able to invest in deals where I don’t have to deal with tenants and toilets. Opportunities are like “business property deals”. It’s the same mindset you have to bring to investments as running a business. It suits my way of thinking. I love that there are dozens of vetted deals that I can pick from and she has no conflict of interest, so there is no pressure.

I love Salena’s saying ‘just because something is unfamiliar, does not inherently make it risky’. And it’s true. Her program is about showing you how to do these investments to de-risk them and I love that she teaches people how to make decisions instead of making decisions for us.

I love the strategy of ‘being the bank’. We get all the rewards without the hassles and headaches. We’re in the strongest position.

I think Freedom Warrior is for everyone. It’s about giving you the guidance and education you need to set you up for life. If you have got a business and lazy capital, or a bunch of investments potentially that aren’t giving you what you want, this is for you.

Do You Want To Catapult Your Investing Results?

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