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Gold Coast Dentist uses his established property portfolio to drive up his investment income To high 6-figures in under 2 years

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Another investing case study

In this case study, Dr Barry Young and his wife Angela Young, members of the Freedom Warrior mastermind, share how they transformed their investment income and eliminated negative cash-flow of over $70k in a few short months of working with us.


Read the Case Study


Book a call with Salena to discover how you can catapult your investing results


Read the Case Study


Book a call with Salena to discover how you can catapult your investing results

Who are the clients?

Dr Barry Young graduated in 1985 with B.D.S (Otago) from Dunedin, New Zealand. After working in Wellington Hospital for 2 years, he came to the Gold Coast and entered into a private practice located in Nerang.

Over the last 25 years Barry and his wife Angela have invested heavily in property and built a sizable property portfolio.

Barry & Angela Y.

There is a lot of work in property investing. It’s not as easy as people say it is. Through Salena we’ve learnt a lot about the alternative property investing space.

Having access to the deal flow makes a huge difference. It saves so much time not having to source deals ourselves and knowing that the people we work with have integrity and a good track record matters:

I bought a lot of assets in the past that didn’t really serve us. Strategy is so important now. Angela and I are so confident now about our future. The pressure is off the business to fund our future.

What challenges did they have?

Although they both enjoy their work, they also felt crushed by the burden of supporting their substantial property portfolio. There were several properties that were creating a massive cash drain and the pressure to earn to support these was immense.

They had worked hard to develop their portfolio and did not want to take any radical action to jeopardise their efforts. The trajectory that they were on suggested they would have the cash flow they needed to live comfortably in approximately 15 years if they took no further action.

They had been unable to find anyone who could give holistic advice on not only how to rectify/adjust their portfolio, but also improve their investing results.

The other option available to them was to continue to buy more property to try and increase their net worth and hopefully drive up cash flow, however, this didn’t appeal because that would only worsen the cash-flow position.

Barry and Angela were also conscious of the current economic turbulence and uncertainty and were concerned about how to build a sustainable financial legacy that could be later transferred to their kids.

They were typical of so many investors that have built massive capital through their investing; they had a high net worth on paper, but they were heavily reliant on the business cash flow to sustain those assets.

What Did Freedom Warrior Do for them?

The starting point was to build out a detailed Investment Acceleration Strategy to identify what outcomes they were actually hoping to achieve through their investing and define the financial outcomes that would need to be satisfied to consider themselves financially free. This part of the process also included a deep dive into what they had in place, including evaluating the strengths, prospects and vulnerabilities of each asset.

Once this was clear, we mapped out some forecasts for how different courses of action would impact results over time. This made it easy to identify the investments that aligned with their plan and which ones did not. We also identified the opportunities to optimise every asset in order to increase its profitability and increase cash flow.

By identifying the assets that were slowing them down or underperforming it was simpler to quantify the opportunity cost of making different decisions.

From here we educated them on non-traditional property investments work, how to safely invest in them and how to take a small piece of their existing capital and investing it in such a way that they could Catapult Investing Cash-flow.

Once they had built their confidence to a high level, we facilitated introductions to our vetted network so they could begin to cherry-pick the investment opportunities that were a match for their goals.

They are now making informed and educated investment decisions and applying our 5-Star world-class due diligence framework to every new investment they make.

They have a preference for small private funds, short term joint venture deals, syndications and lending deals.

We have been able to completely transform the cash-flow within the existing portfolio by restructuring what they already had and are now mentoring them on how to not only maintain high investment performance but selectively add new investment to 2X-5X their investing returns.

They are on track to producing a high 6-figure income from their new investments and in tandem with their existing portfolio, they will leave behind a sizable financial legacy.

The plan they have in place puts them in the position of being able to retire in 2 years if they choose to do so. There is no pressure on a high ticket business sale and any economic turbulence will have minimal impact on their results.

Because of the investments they now have access to and the support to implement, they have shaved approximately 12 years off their timeline to reach their financial goals.

New timeline to possible retirement Average annual NET ROI on new investments Cashflow outgoings reduced across their existing property portfolio
2 Years 12% $70k
New timeline to possible retirement
2 Years
Average annual NET ROI on new investments
Cashflow outgoings reduced across their existing property portfolio
Barry & Angela Y.

Having multiple income streams makes it so much easier and takes the pressure off. I feel like we are really on track to getting to our financial goals.

The networking has been fantastic. Those sorts of people are rarities in the general population. Anyone that wants to push themselves should be part of this group.

Do You Want To Catapult Your Investing Results?

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