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Busy Tradie Finds The Perfect Business ‘Exit Ramp’ Without Needing to Rely on A High-Ticket Business Sale

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Another investing case study

In this case study, Andrew & Julia, members of the Freedom Warrior mastermind, share how they are positioning for a sea change and embarking on a vision to ‘get off the tools’ within the next 12-24 months.


Read the Case Study


Book a call with Salena to discover how you can catapult your investing results


Read the Case Study


Book a call with Salena to discover how you can catapult your investing results

Who are the clients?

Julia and Andrew are a team that has built a successful trades business over the last 25 years.

Their focus before joining Freedom Warrior had been on investing in a couple of blue-chip properties and other collectables.

Andrew & Julia S., ACT

Our focus had been investing in the residential property market in and we simply just kept it smart and simple. However, most of our investments did not simply work for us at all.

My wife and I always dreamed of and have been working very hard and diligently towards having financial freedom and living on our passive income. So being part of Freedom Warrior was to surround ourselves with like-minded, successful, entrepreneurial people, that we could learn from and get the correct advice to achieve our goals.

What challenges did they have?

Julia and Andrew were in a strong financial position, but after working so hard for many years, they started to want to turn their attention to other passions and hobbies. They were reluctant to rely solely on a big-ticket sale of their business and were looking for better investment opportunities to replace their living expenses within three years.

The investments they already had in place were of a high calibre and would get them part of the way toward their financial goals, but they were aware of the lack of diversification and wanted to broaden their investments that would deliver strong reliable income.

They knew that a business exit in the next couple of years was on the cards, but they didn’t want to rely on it to fund their future endeavours. They also wanted to move to a city that would offer better lifestyle prospects.

Andrew was also specifically interested in developing as an investor to continue to do this as a part-time hobby in retirement.

What Did Freedom Warrior Do for them?

Replacing their living expenses with income from their investments within three years was the primary goal, and to do it in a way where the investing was ‘set and forget.

The starting point was to build out a detailed Investment Acceleration Strategy. We documented their goals, the structures they would need, the estimated capital they would inject over time and the specific strategies that might be suitable.

Once this was clear, we mapped out some forecasts for how different courses of action would impact results over time. This made it easy to identify the investments that aligned with their plan and which ones did not.

By helping them to understand the potential outcomes and opportunity costs of different decisions, we set out a plan to reduce their current lifestyle burn rate and siphon business profits to maximise the speed to goal.

Their preferences have been towards investments that deliver immediate cash flow paid at least monthly or quarterly. While they like the strong returns of some niche private funds, they are leaning more towards diversified syndications and funds.

They are on track to producing a high 6-figure income from their new investments within three years. They are also enjoying learning the specific thinking and skills needed to operate as a professional investor.

As part of their journey, they meet exceptional advisers who are forming part of their board of advisers and who can guide them in years to come.

Because of access to the buffet of premium deal flow, their plan will shave approximately 18 years off their timeline to reach their financial goals.

New timeline to possible retirement Average annual NET ROI on new investments
2 Years 11-13%
New timeline to possible retirement Average annual NET ROI on new investments
2 Years 11-13%
Andrew & Julia S., ACT

The calibre of the network and the sorts of deals that are available for members to cherry-pick from are absolute quality.

The intelligence and the knowledge of the trusted advisors are just second to none and we’ve been completely blown away by how diverse and unbelievably amazing they are. It’s certainly turned our dreams into reality and fast-tracked everything.

Freedom Warrior is for anyone willing to put in the time, effort and energy. Together with the support from the group, including Salena, it was a no brainer for me. This mastermind is for anyone that wants a different life, who doesn’t want to be in the trenches and working the nine to fives forevermore and wants to make a better life for themselves and their family.

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