3 Biggest Lessons Meeting Deal Makers In New York

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Welcome to the 136th episode of the Alternative Investing Podcast!

In today’s episode, I’ll share the three biggest lessons my community members learned after meeting alternative investment dealmakers in New York.

We cover:

  • Lesson #1: Building Relationships
  • Lesson #2: The Value of Seeing Real Deals
  • Lesson #3: Strategy Needs to be Adaptable

If you’re an investor who wants to learn valuable insights you can apply in your wealth-building journey, then make sure to listen to this episode! 

Show Notes:

00:00 Intro

01:42 Lesson #1: Building Relationships

04:35 Lesson #2: The Value of Seeing Real Deals

06:56 Lesson #3: Strategy Needs to be Adaptable

08:53 Lesson Recap

10:31 Outro

Last year, I took a trip to New York with a group of my community members who have been investing in alternative real estate deals but haven’t had the chance to see these deals in action.

The trip was so valuable for them that, in this discussion, I want to share with you the three most important lessons our group learned. 

These lessons will give you an understanding of what people consider when investing in alternative real estate deals.

Now, if you’re quite new to my work and the world of alternative investments, you can listen to some of my past podcast episodes here

However, the lessons I will share today are universal, so you don’t need to understand the intricate details. 

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