Alternative Investing VS Traditional Investing

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In this episode, we compare the differences between alternative investments vs traditional investments. In Australia, we only know one or two ways to invest and it’s what we call traditional investing. However, when I ran out of “traditional” options and the banks stopped lending me money, I had to look at alternative options. What I discovered when I went looking, blew my mind. Watch and find out.

Show Notes:

0:00 – Introduction to Alternative Property Investing

2:02 – Property Investing for the Average Australian

6:17 – My Journey into Alternative Property Investing

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The sad truth is not everyone can easily get a loan or several loans for a property.

We continuously work hard for long hours to save enough money for a house deposit. Even when we qualify for a deposit, it’s not enough to live financially free.

I’m going to show you how we could be living financially free by having alternative investments.

This may sound unfamiliar and daunting at first although it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s risky.

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