Angela Smith of Lifestyle Tradie on Creating Better Lifestyle and Choice With Your Business

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On this week’s episode, I speak with Angela Smith who runs Lifestyle Tradie – a mastermind that helps business owners in the trades industry who want to understand how to make more profit, have higher control in their business and create a better lifestyle for themselves.

In this interview, we unpack how Angela and her husband, Andy:

  • Started their own wealth creation journey
  • How they began being massively in debt and how they turned this around
  • She shares insights into why business is a fabulous vehicle for wealth building
  • Where Angela sees the best opportunities for 2021 and beyond for business owners

Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro

03:28 – How has your attitude to money and wealth changed?

08:14 – Experiences with investing in real estate

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Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your origin story.

  • Plumbing company called Dr DRiP Plumbing
  • Off the back of the chaos and the fast growth – from $50k profit to negative $50k
  • Streamlined the business and got out of the business – working 1 hour a week
  • Started lifestyle tradie 11 years ago
  • No one in the industry to teach what they needed to do and had to learn through costly trial and errors
  • Teach trade business owners how to make a profit in their business, gain back time and get a better lifestyle
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