Interview with Chris Gray, CEO of Your Empire on Lifestyle Goals, Being Emotionless Around Investing and Financial Freedom

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On this week’s episode, I interview Chris Gray, Host of Sky News Business’ ‘Your Property Empire’, Financial Judge on Channel Ten’s ‘The Renovators’ and was previously a property expert on Channel Nine’s My Home TV. Not only is he on the TV circuit, he’s also written two books and has been featured on countless radio programs, property magazines and he’s a regularly on the speaking circuit. Beyond this, Chris is the CEO of Empire, an independent consultancy that builds property portfolios for time-poor investors.
Connect with Chris:


Show Notes:

00:00 – Introduction to the Show

01:40 – Chris’ Background and Mission

03:57 – Taking emotions out of investments

06:57 – The cost of living the “easy life”

09:48 – Imparting lessons to your children

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How did Chris start his investment journey?

  • Accountant by trade
  •  Started investing in the UK at 22, worked out it was cheaper to buy a 3br house instead of a 1 bedroom unit
  •  Even though he had a mortgage 7x his income, he practically lived for free and duplicated that a few times and got himself a free Porsche
  • Came to Australia and by the age of 31, he was making $600k passively from property while making $60k after tax from Deloitte
  • Quit his job shortly afterwards and became an extra on a TV Show before getting a breakthrough as a host on My Home TV on channel nine
  • Led to a hosting position at Sky Business for 10 years to help educate people
  • Wealthy individuals don’t want to learn and just want him to do it for him. So he launched his own buyer’s agency called Your Empire to help them build property portfolios since 2008
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