Chris Miles on U.S. Investing, Problems with Getting Financial Advice and Financial Freedom

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On this episode, I interview Chris Miles. Chris is a “Cash Flow Expert” who calls himself the “anti-financial planner”. He’s helped thousands of his clients with creating cash flow and lasting wealth, and has been featured on major publications such as US News, CNN Money, and other well-known podcasts such as John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneurs on Fire.

After working as a traditional financial advisor for several years, he quickly realised that the financial advising industry wasn’t showing anyone how to quickly and safely become financially free. After retiring at 28, he has spent his time teaching strategies he’s used for his own wealth creation for small business owners and individuals. Chris also hosts his own podcast called Money Ripples, where he shares advice and ideas around how to reach your financial goals.

Show Notes:

​00:00 – Introduction to the Show

01:34 – Introduction to Chris

02:42 – How Chris became a “Reformed” Financial Advisor

07:52 – The Problems with Getting Financial Advice

12:31 – Creating More Income Streams through Alternative Investing

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Salena: Thanks so much, Chris for being with us today.

Chris: You’re welcome. It’s an honour.

Salena: Just for the benefit of everyone that’s listening, I thought it might be useful for you to do a quick intro on yourself. The understanding that I have is that you are really an expert around helping people better manage their cash and their hard-earned capital. You call yourself the anti-financial advisor, and you’re teaching entrepreneurs and professionals how to free up and create cash flow so that they can really step out of the workforce if they choose to. You’re an author, you’re a podcast host, you’ve got the Chris Miles Money Show, and I think very impressively you’ve been on U.S. news, CNN, EO Fire, and you’ve got a stellar reputation within your industry.

So, I’ll kind of hand over to you. Is there anything that you’d add to the kind of giving people a bit of a context about what makes you the anti-financial advisor?

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