Client Case Study: How Tony & Maria Reduced their Financial Freedom Timeline from 15 Years to 2 Years

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In this episode, I discuss the journey I went on with my clients Tony and Maria and directing them towards the path of financial freedom. While they had amassed a diverse property portfolio, it was actually causing them more financial strain. I worked with them closely to align their investments with their ultimate goal.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Welcome to the Show

00:00:28 – Background on Tony & Maria

00:02:18 – Problems with their property portfolio

00:04:25 – Directing them on path to financial freedom

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When it comes to achieving financial freedom, sometimes having less is more.

Here in Australia, we’ve always been sold the idea of ramping up and aggressively growing the size of our property portfolio to achieve financial freedom. Unfortunately, this can’t be further from the truth.

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