Dr Toni Surace, Managing Director of Momentum Management, Talks Wealth Creation

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On this week’s episode, Dr Toni Surace takes time to share her story on overcoming adversity, transitioning into a new career and how she has managed to reach financial success.

What I love about this interview is that Toni unpacks and talks about

  • the value of money growing up;
  • becoming a business owner;
  • strategies to building wealth; and
  • tips for business owners.

Show Notes:
00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:14 – Toni’s Value on Money Growing up

00:02:43 – Healthy Vs Unhealthy Money Habits

00:04:16 – Transitioning into a Business Owner

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Q: What did money mean in your house when you were growing up? What were the lessons that you learned, and what did it mean to you?

  • I learned some extremely important lessons as a child growing up in a family of migrants.
  • My father is Italian, and my mother is English, and they came over in a boat from Italy, called Marconi, and settled in Melbourne.
  • It was definitely a struggle for them. They were always working – my father had three jobs most of my childhood to help us become what they felt would be well-adjusted humans with an excellent education.
  • I put absolutely everything into myself and my two brothers.
  • I guess the thing they taught us about money was the old saying, “money doesn’t grow on trees”, and that you need to work hard to earn money and actually get somewhere.
  • I’m going to say that that mentality sometimes serves, and sometimes it doesn’t.

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