How Future Clarity Will Help You Accelerate Towards Financial Freedom

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On this week’s episode, I share with you a concept called Future Clarity. In my opinion, this is a concept that so many investors are getting wrong and it’s sabotaging their efforts to creating wealth. Not being crystal clear about your vision for achieving wealth makes it near impossible to achieving financial freedom. I walk you through on the three mistakes almost all investors are making and what the four elements of future clarity are to help you on your way to faster wealth.

Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro

01:06 – Future clarity

03:23 – Common challenges investors face

08:13 – Timelining

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There’s one behaviour or pattern that I notice amongst all investors that flounder and fail to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals, and that’s future clarity.

Not being crystal clear about your vision for achieving wealth makes it near impossible to achieve financial freedom.

While I’m not a particularly strong person when it comes to the concept of goal setting, I understand the value of having a vision.

From a yogic perspective, the classic adage of:
What you focus on grows. What you think about expands. And what you dwell upon determines your destiny.

These principles also apply to future clarity around wealth building.

What this fundamentally means is that when you focus in on what you want, you start to see lots of the same types of opportunities. And not having a clear idea of what you want is the number 1 reason why property investors fail.

For example, if you want to buy a green Mini, suddenly you start seeing green Minis everywhere because it’s now part of your general awareness.

If you aren’t giving shape or clarity around the decisions and actions you take, it’s hard to achieve the results you want in the shortest possible time.

Which leads me to another key part of future clarity: effectiveness. It’s not enough to know you need to achieve wealth and financial freedom goals; it’s also about getting there with the highest degree of efficiency.

I see people accidentally de-railing their efforts when they don’t have one of these pieces properly mapped out all the time.

So I want to share with you three mistakes before sharing the four steps I use to ensure you’re on the right path to achieving future clarity around your wealth journey.

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