How I Started My Property Investing Journey

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I didn’t initially love property investing. This all changed when I met my husband. After seeing the returns on our property investment, I was hungry to find out more. This is a story about that journey.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Welcome to the Show

00:00:43 – Migrating to Australia from the UK

00:03:35 – How I got started in Property Investing

00:11:16 – Why Property Investing can be Creative

00:13:02 – Which Model is Right for You?

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Not a lot of people know that I grew up in the U.K. before migrating with my family to Australia at the tender age of 9. We lived in the U.K. during the Thatcher years – a miserable time economically for the U.K.

My father, a double degree holder, had a lot of difficulties getting consistent work. He was travelling a lot and working sporadically before going for six months without employment.

In 1981, he, fortunately, received an offer to work in Australia, and not long after, we were on a flight to the other side of the world.

While it was undoubtedly a risky move, it ultimately paid off, and we certainly saw it as a new chapter and a way to wipe the slate clean and build our life into a new direction.

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