How Much Debt is Enough for Investors?

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In this week’s episode, I unpack how investors understand the need to use debt as leverage to amplify their results – but forget to give thought to their debt extinguishing strategy.

Debt can be your best friend, or it can be a noose around your neck.

So, I cover:

– the concept of the velocity of money,
– using debt as leverage,
– the debt spectrum, and
– when enough debt is enough.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:16 – Reflection on The Velocity of Money

00:02:50 – The Concept of ‘Lazy Capital.’

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Everyone understands the need to use debt as leverage to amplify their results. But, I see too many people blindly applying leverage and not doing it in the context of a greater game or without giving much thought to their debt extinguishing strategy.

So, I want to unpack when the amount of debt is enough for investors.

When do investors need to stop taking out debt to fund their investments?

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