Interview with Rana Saini, Founder of the Influencer Project

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On this week’s episode, Rana Saini on the importance of being very good at solving a very clear problem with a very clear solution. Rana is an ex-personal trainer come entrepreneur and now runs the Influencer Project where he helps business owners become influencers on LinkedIn.

He shares his insights on what made him pursue entrepreneurship, where the biggest opportunity for wealth creation is and why having a goal and a strategy is what ultimately should drive people towards the path they take.

Connect with Rana:

Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro

01:49 – Rana’s childhood influences on money and wealth

03:29 – Anxiety around money & taking risks

05:36 – Reasons for wanting to run a business

09:21 – Having the mindset for building sustainable wealth

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Q: You grew up in a traditional family. Tell me how money showed up in your home?

  • Parents both worked in the government
  • They weren’t poor or rich – middle class upbringing
  • Remembers questioning why he couldn’t have “luxury” things
  • Raised by a single mum – money was one of those things they looked to save
  • Money was scarce rather than abundant
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