Interview with Rob Nixon, the Accountant’s Coach

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On this week’s episode, I chat with Rob Nixon. Rob runs a highly successful coaching business that helps accountants reach $1 million in annual revenue per partner. Beyond this he’s a serial entrepreneur and has launched and exited multiple businesses. We chat about the systems he uses to reward himself as a business owner, the five questions he asks himself before setting on a new business venture and what his major goals are every year with his own coaching business.

Connect with Rob:

Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro

02:06 – Rob Nixon’s life until now

05:06 – Making money while growing a business.

10:09 – What is financial and personal success?

12:07 – Investments outside of your business

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Q: How did money show up for you in the home when growing up?

  • Born in New Zealand. Grew up on a farm, his dad was an entrepreneur (albeit a poor one) and they had very little money
  • Left home when he was 19 and had started a couple of businesses by then
  • Made money since he was 11
  • To Rob, money was about working hard and then realised it wasn’t about that
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