Should You Keep Investing During Volatility and a Recession?

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Welcome to the 130th episode of the Alternative Investing Podcast!

In this episode, I’ll share some guiding principles and insights to help you decide whether it’s a good idea to continue investing in a volatile and uncertain market.

We cover:

  • The Need to Hold Cash Reserves
  • Protecting What you Have
  • Being Clear on Your Investing Rules
  • Not Listening to the Talking Heads
  • Testing Your Market Assumptions

If you’re an investor who wants to make smart investment decisions regardless of market conditions, then make sure to listen to this episode!

Show Notes:

00:00 Intro

03:08 The Need to Hold Cash Reserves

04:48 Protecting What you Have

05:57 Being Clear on Your Investing Rules

09:08 Not Listening to the Talking Heads

14:07 Testing Your Market Assumptions

19:32 Final Thoughts

22:18 Outro

Are you anxious to continue investing now that the market is still uncertain and volatile? 

If your answer is yes, that’s okay. Many are also in the same shoes as you.

Based on my observation, one factor that affects people’s anxiety is doomsayers who use specific words that cause fear. On top of that, there are also wealth gurus and financial planners who don’t act and say things in your best interest. 

Time and time again, I’ve heard many people talk about being told that they should continue to buy certain discounted asset classes, which I believe could lead them to disaster.

So today, I want to share with you a few ideas I got from an international conference I attended. 

This conference, and others like it that I’ve attended, are what move the needle in my investing career.

The insights and ideas I’ve learned give me confidence about the steps I’m taking and the opportunities I’m playing with. So, let me share some of those ideas with you so they can help you make wiser decisions in your wealth-building journey.

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