Interview with Simon Bedard, CEO of the Exit Advisory Group on Exit Planning, Financial Freedom and His Troubled Youth

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On this week’s episode, I interview Simon Bedard, CEO & Founder of Exit Advisory Group. Simon has had over two decades of experience in finance, investment, energy and technology sectors. Being an avid entrepreneur himself, he spends his time helping business owners build value and achieve their exit goals through his advisory service. In this podcast, we talk about definitions of financial freedom, Simon’s childhood and his relationship with money from an early age right through to his current situation.

Connect with Simon:

Show Notes:

00:00 – Introduction to the Show

01:22 – Simon’s Background and Mission

04:26 – Discussion on ROI (Return of Investment)

05:58 – How Simon got where he is today

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What is Return on Investment (ROI)?

Simon talks about a concept called the “triple bottom line” – something he learnt while working in the green energy sector, which encompasses not only the financial impact of your business but also the social and environmental impact that should be measured. Also, he mentions that you also need to consider the total cost of ownership when in business – this would involve the cost of both holding it and the potential opportunity costs associated with it.

Most importantly, the point of the triple bottom line is to ensure you take a holistic approach to business and understand what it means to you and the people around you to generate wealth and be in business.

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