Interview with Taki Moore, the Million Dollar Coach

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On this week’s episode, Taki Moore, the Million Dollar Coach shares with us his insights on how despite being considered the Mark Zuckerberg of coaches for coaches, he cares very little for money. Instead, he shares about how he counts people rather than money, what it was like living a nomadic life with his family for three years and how you can create money in the current economic situation.

Connect with Taki:

Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro

01:45 – Moving from nomad lifestyle to settling down

05:26 – Childhood influence on wealth and mindset

08:46 – Reconciling Freedom and Wealth regarding the Black Belt Program

11:25 – Are there money limits when holidaying?

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Q: One of the things I know about you is that your parents separated when you were younger. How did each of them influence you when it came to money?

  • Mum and Dad split up when he was 2 and he lived with his mum
  • Personality-wise, he’s very much like his mum with elements of his dad
  • Very socialist family – money was perceived as bad and people who had it were not good people
  • Dad was good with money and was an architect
  • He was disciplined and saved well
  • Taki felt like there was such a difference between the way his parents lived separately
  • Noticed that there wasn’t as much warmth with Dad even though he was considered more financially well-off compared to his mum – Taki drew correlations between these environments with money
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