The Holy Grail of Private Funds with Tyrone Shum

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Tyrone Shum and I are back together chatting about all things investment and alternative investment. In this week’s episode, we cover private funds and how I discovered this investment strategy.

Private funds differ significantly from the funds that trade on the stock exchange (i.e. real estate investment trusts and funds). They’re different because they’re usually run by professional investors who have specific access to a particular type of deal or strategy – deals that are out of reach of most regular investors.

We cover:

– different types of funds,
– how I got investing into a private fund,
– why very few people explore private fund investments, and
– why I love the alternative space.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:02:18 – Salena’s First Experience Going Into a Private Fund

00:03:04 – The Concept of Funds

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Q: Can you talk a bit about your first experience of investing in a private fund?

  • Discovering the world of private funds has been the Holy Grail of my discoveries. It’s been the vehicle that has allowed me to access more excellent opportunities but that are run by experienced investors.
  • So there’s a huge “sleep at night” factor because these experienced investors do a far better job of asset selection than I could ever achieve on my own.
  • So I get amazing opportunities, and I can leverage other people’s “genius.”
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