Tyrone Shum of Property Investory and I Explore the Power of Syndications

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Tyrone Shum of the Property Investory podcast is back, asking the questions in this week’s episode. This time around, we explore the power of syndications.

I love this interview because Tyrone really delves into how syndications have benefited my investment portfolio and how investors can get the best result with the least amount of risk in the shortest period of time.

We cover:

– syndication and how I discovered it,
– my experience with syndication investment,
– the returns and risk levels in syndication investments, and
– the story behind my investments in Atlanta.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:02:00 – How Salena Discovered Syndication Deals

00:03:14 – The Benefits of Syndication Deals

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Q: What is syndication, and how did you discover it?

  • Syndication is something that I’ve known about for years because it was used as a commonplace language, especially around the topic of real estate. But, it always seemed really elusive – I never quite knew how to access the deals.
  • So, syndication, from my point of view, is a fabulous way to participate in real estate that allows you to access exceptional deals, and you can command all sorts of economies of scale.
  • The idea with syndications is that a group of investors come together to focus on a single asset – they pool their money to try and get a bigger return in a shorter space of time.
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