The Sack of Sh*t We’ve Been Sold About Wealth Building

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In this episode, we talk about why traditional retirement planning is an absolute “sack of sh*t” and what you can do to achieve financial freedom faster than most people. 

We also discuss why many advisors may not have your best interests at heart, how to optimise your current investments for maximum income, and why NOW is the best time in history to adopt a new mindset towards retirement and wealth building.

Enjoy the episode!


00:00- Intro 

01:35 – People Are Too Polite About Wealth-Building 

03:37 – The Train to Financial Freedom is a Slow One 

04:14 – There’s No Way to Get Rich Fast 

04:59 – You Need to Think Like the Banks & Retirement Funds

08:03 – Inkosi Wealth Client Case Study

11:28 – Get Access to Your Freedom Formula

11:54 – Create a Higher Level of Stewardship 

12:14 – Figuring Out How Much Capital You Need 

12:26 – Challenge Your Board of Advisors 

12:53 – Final Thoughts 

13:43 – Outro

Recently, I made a rather impolite statement about the “absolute sack of sh*t” that our society has cultivated regarding retirement planning. 

I apologise for the crude language, but I wanted to convey my frustration with the prevailing narrative – that early retirement or financial freedom is essentially unattainable without taking massive risks. 

In this article, I’ll debunk the notion that early retirement is only for the lucky, crazy, or reckless few who defy conventional planning. 

With some fresh perspectives, a personalised plan, and a bit of courage, financial independence is within reach for those willing to tune out the “absolute sack of sh*t” messaging and forge their own path.

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