The True Cost of Investing Inaction

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In this week’s episode, I chat a bit about the effect of not taking action in your investing journey and stockpiling your cash for the sake of waiting for the ‘perfect investment.’

The conversation was borne out of the fact that the local marketing is going crazy, and it’s quite difficult to get your foot in the door now – especially after sitting on money that you could’ve invested years ago.

I unpack:

– the importance of measuring the opportunity cost of your investments,
– dealing with uncertainty in investing, and
– recognising the changes in your risk profile.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:02:06 – Measuring the Opportunity Cost of Your Investments

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I want people to understand why stockpiling cash could actually be crushing your ability of wealth.

Recently, I think we’ve all pretty much become aware that keeping solid cash reserves is super important.

I’m certainly not arguing against it because I do believe it’s important to continue holding onto cash that can carry you through tough business times and economic turbulence – especially if you’re an investor.

You only need to tune into the news right now to see all the commentary on pending inflation and stock market crashes.

So, it’s important to have several defensive measures and strategic fingers in a few pies to carry yourself through those periods without a major dent in your wealth-building activities or your portfolio.

That’s why I want to unpack the concept of inaction around investing.

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