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In this week’s episode, I finally unveil a tool that I’ve been playing with for quite a while now.

I unpack how my alternative investment diagnostic calculator tool can help give you insight into where you’ll be and how you’ll fare if you maintain the status quo versus putting a small percentage of your capital into alternative investments.

We cover:

  • Why financial projections are important;
  • A case study using my Investment Diagnostic tool;
  • The reason I made this calculating tool; and
  • Why alternative investments can’t be ignored.

You can access the Investment Diagnostic Tool over here:

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:01:37 – Why Financial Projections are Important

00:03:30 – Case Study: Tim and Rita’s Situation

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I’m finally unveiling a tool that I’ve been playing with for quite a while now. 

The tool was designed to help people understand what the trajectory is if they stay where they are and just use their surplus income or dividends to reduce debt on their property portfolio; or if they considered putting capital into the world of alternative investments. 

I think it’s difficult to wrap your head around the gravity that alternative investments can have on your property portfolio. So, today, I want to unpack what I think people are looking to understand. 

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