Interview with Warren Otter, Principal of Otter & Associates on Understanding Your Life Objectives as a Business Owner & How Mergers Can Save Your Business

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On this week’s episode, I Interview Warren Otter, Principal of Otter & Associates. Before starting his consultancy business, Warren took his business from $4.5 million to $8.5 million through three strategic acquisitions, ultimately establishing a business turning over $25 million in revenue. Warren helps business owners through what he calls the ‘maturity stage’ of business, where he helps turn them into independent growing companies.

He shares his own journey including some of the money beliefs he’s personally had to overcome, lessons from his youth, and how his attitudes to money has changed over time.

Connect with Warren:

Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro

01:16 – Warren’s childhood influences on money and wealh

02:10 – Moving from Accounting to Business Owner

04:08 – Warren’s early investing journey

05:24 – Investing outside of the business

06:15 – The problem with being too focused on your business

07:35 – Financial losses and struggles

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Q: What were the lessons that you gleaned throughout your childhood about money and wealth?

  •  Didn’t learn much from his parents but more from his grandfather
  • His grandfather was self-made entrepreneur and generous with what he had. He came from nothing and built a 100-person business
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