When Should I Sell My Investment Property?

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Welcome to the 120th episode of the Alternative Investing Podcast!

In this episode, I will discuss the five most important things you must consider before selling your investment property.

We cover:
  • Five Things to Consider Before Selling Your Property
  • Factor #1: Likely Prospects
  • Factor #2: Past Prospects
  • Factor #3: Evaluation of Other Opportunities
  • Factor #4: Time Horizon
  • Factor #5: There’s No Right or Wrong
  • Final Thoughts

If you’re an investor who wants to make wise decisions by knowing what to consider before you sell a piece of real estate, then make sure to listen to this episode!

Show Notes:

00:00 Intro

04:45 Five Things to Consider Before Selling Your Property

06:00 Factor #1: Likely Prospects

08:37 Factor #2: Past Prospects

10:22 Factor #3: Evaluation of Other Opportunities

12:20 Factor #4: Time Horizon

14:43 Factor #5: There’s No Right or Wrong

16:36 Final Thoughts

17:26 Outro

In this episode, I want to address an email I received a couple of weeks ago, answering the question, “When should I sell my investment property?”

The answer provided by this wealth expert was unhelpful and a little bit superficial, so I want to unpack today what he said and why I disagree.

For this exercise, I’m going to assume that if you sell a piece of real estate, you want to take the working capital out of one asset and put it into another investment.

By doing it, you’re prepared to let go of potential future profits on the asset that you already have and move it to another deal where you could potentially get better opportunities.

If you’re an investor and you’ve earmarked capital for investing, I’m also going to assume that you’re not selling an investment property because you want to buy a boat or a bigger house.

Another thing I want to mention is that in my 20-plus years of investing, one of the pieces of advice I repeatedly heard was that you should buy investment properties and never sell them.

The reason was that you could capture as much growth as possible for future passive income and wouldn’t incur taxes.

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