Why Thinking Different is Okay

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In this week’s episode, I switch it up a bit and unpack what I’m trying to achieve, why I am here, and why I believe that what I’m doing inside the Freedom Warrior programme is exciting.

We cover why it’s important to:

– have a good relationship with money,
– learn how to say no to opportunities that don’t fit,
– build deep relationships with the right people, and
– be fierce about wanting financial freedom.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:02:35 – Having a Good Relationship With Money

00:04:36 – Financial Freedom 

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If I reflect back to my journey when we migrated from the UK to Australia, I was nine years old and had already experienced what I would call mild racism for various reasons. The colour of my skin was different. I had an extreme Pommy accent, so the kids would tell me that I talked weird, for example.

During my school years, particularly high school, I remember just always having this feeling that maybe I was a little different to everybody else.

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