Al & Sue R., ACT
"For many years I was very busy & focused building, growing & managing a business, this bore strong fruit in capital accumulation & business value growth, however, I chose to delegate the investment & management of that capital to traditional financial planners. The result was long-term poor returns. The choice always seemed to be between low returns to provide capital security or stronger returns requiring significant risks. One financial planner was more “aggressive” & involved us in primary production products all of which failed & resulted in very significant real losses. Once I sold my business & achieved semi-retirement, I decided it was time I took greater control. As I assessed investment options available in Australia, it became clear that “stronger safer deals” (ie – yielding 10+%) were difficult to find in current markets without access to proven networks. Thus I started contacting people in my existing network for guidance & recalled Salena was involved in property investments from long ago – I made contact & the rest is history! ? We joined Freedom Warrior because we didn’t want to “re-invent the wheel”. We wanted to leverage off proven methodology, access trusted proven dealmakers & deals that afforded capital security & stronger returns. This has fast-tracked us and given us greater control of our investment performance management. We wanted to be part of a group of like-minded people that provided an opportunity to collaborate & learn together.