Al & Sue R., ACT
Having a background in business & finance meant I understood most of the principles & ideas quickly. On the other hand Sue, hasn’t had great experience with finance, has found the educational basis of the program really valuable in growing her understanding & confidence. We have also found the strategic planning opportunities valuable, particularly relating to the development of our Family Charter & legacy objectives, including a family bank facility to help our kids sooner, both with financial education and funding support of their wealth development choices. It is a community that has great potential, and expect it will build into a great supportive network of friends. The impact on our goals is that we have greater confidence our capital base doesn’t need to grow significantly to achieve financial independence AND allow us to put in place legacy opportunities for our kids sooner. We are excited about delivering on the planned & forecasted outcomes & being more “in the driver’s seat” than ever before! We now have far greater peace of mind & confidence in the quality of life choices we have for ourselves & our kids. Finally, building our own wealth management system that has the ability to support us, our kids & future generations."