Craig B., QLD
When I spoke to Salena, I really liked the idea of good returns and being able to invest in deals where I don't have to deal with tenants and toilets. Opportunities are like “business property deals”. It’s the same mindset you have to bring to investments as running a business. It suits my way of thinking. I love that there are dozens of vetted deals that I can pick from and she has no conflict of interest, so there is no pressure. I love Salena’s saying ‘just because something is unfamiliar, does not inherently make it risky’. And it’s true. Her program is about showing you how to do these investments to de-risk them and I love that she teaches people how to make decisions instead of making decisions for us. I love the strategy of ‘being the bank’. We get all the rewards without the hassles and headaches. We’re in the strongest position. I think Freedom Warrior is for everyone. It’s about giving you the guidance and education you need to set you up for life. If you have got a business and lazy capital, or a bunch of investments potentially that aren’t giving you what you want, this is for you.