5 Things I Learnt Spending 10 Years With the Ultra Wealthy (And How You Can Use Them)

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In this episode, I share the 5 MOST IMPORTANT (yet rarely talked about) wealth lessons I’ve learned from spending over a decade with millionaires and billionaires. 

If implemented properly, these simple yet profound principles can completely transform your financial trajectory. 

We also talk about how to align yourself with those who have the results you want, why you should never fully outsource major financial decisions, and how to sharpen your investment skills.

Enjoy the episode!


0:00 – Intro

4:43 – Selecting Influential People for Personal Growth

9:57 – Investing, Decision-Making, and Analyzing Wins and Losses

15:00 – Real Estate Development Challenges and Lessons Learned

19:31 – Real Estate Investing With a Focus on Sustainability and Capital Preservation

24:16 – Tracking and Measuring Wealth Progress

27:38 – Extro

When I was starting out on my wealth-building journey over a decade ago, I immersed myself in investing education.

As an accountant by training, I had a solid grasp of financial concepts. However, no amount of theoretical knowledge could substitute for the life-changing wisdom I gained from the ultra-wealthy mentors I met along the way.

Like many, I dabbled in various investing strategies – trading shares, options, futures, index funds, flipping properties, and more.

But the returns never quite matched my lofty goals of achieving financial freedom and leaving the rat race behind.

That’s when I stumbled into alternative real estate investments, and a whole new world opened up.

Through persistence and gradually worming my way into multi-millionaires and billionaires’ inner circles, I forged priceless relationships.

Behind closed doors, my new mentors and I built a rapport over long conversations. And in their understated, quiet way, they imparted insights that profoundly shaped my financial trajectory.

You won’t find these principles plastered on billboards or bandied about in mainstream media.

But when implemented well, they create empires, build legacies, and set mavericks apart from the pack. I’ve seen a quantum leap in my own results after one such lightbulb moment.

Now, I’m thrilled to distil five key ideas that changed everything for me – so they can do the same for you.

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