The 3 Steps to Achieving Early Retirement Without a High Income

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On this week’s episode, I want to bust a myth that seems to be rife amongst Australian business owners and investors, and that’s you need to have a high income to achieve financial freedom.

I’ve never had a particularly high income myself, but that hasn’t stopped me from achieving financial freedom.

So what I want to be clear on is that your income level is not the limiting factor in generating wealth. Instead, it’s about how you amplify your surplus in income and transforming that into cash flow, which will allow you to make choices further down the path.

So if you’re a business owner who thinks that their business is their way out, think again. This episode is for you, and it’s important for you to understand

Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro

01:32 – Looking at your numbers

02:23 – Step 1: Effectively creating surplus to fuel your investing

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In my 25+ years of being a Chartered Accountant and in the past few years working with business owners, I can tell you that the biggest myth is that you need a high income to grow your wealth.

For some reason, we’re told that if we don’t make a high income, then our chances of achieving financial freedom before retirement are slim to none.

And quite frankly, that’s just not true.

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