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In this episode, I interview Kieran Johnson, state manager of Opportunity International, to explore the transformative power of small loans and their impact on poverty reduction in India and Indonesia.

Kieran talks about the philosophy of ‘infinite banking’, the innovative ways business owners integrate philanthropy into their organisations, and Opportunity International’s unique model of empowering families and communities.

Enjoy the episode!


00:00 – Intro

03:14 – Who is Kieran Johnson

05:35 – What is ‘Opportunity’

08:28 – Infinite Banking in Motion

10:27 – Prime Motivation of Business Owners

12:28 – Strategic Charitable Contributions from Business Leaders

17:18 – Leaving Wealth to Children vs Making an Impact

21:59 – A Transformative Trekking Experience

26:15 – Teaching Children Gratitude Across Different Ages

28:37 – Outro

I still vividly remember trudging up the steep Himalayan trails last October, huffing and puffing as I pushed my body to its limits. 

But the stunning snow-capped vistas and warm smiles in remote mountain villages made every gruelling step worthwhile. 

My favourite part was getting to know my fellow trekkers, like Kieran, who was there representing Opportunity International. 

As we bonded, I discovered OI’s incredible mission – empowering impoverished women entrepreneurs with small loans to start businesses and permanently lift themselves out of poverty. 

Seeing the real-world impact of these microloans firsthand was nothing short of life-changing.

That’s why I had to interview Kieran and showcase how OI’s microlending model is an innovative, infinitely scalable approach to sustainable development. 

It aligns perfectly with my own mission and proves that ethical business and generous giving can lift up individuals, transform communities, and make our world a better place.

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