The Secret to Living Large and Building Wealth

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Welcome to the 168th episode of the Alternative Investing Podcast!

In today’s episode, I’ll share a systematic and proactive approach to managing your financial resources so you can happily enjoy the present while securing the future.

We cover:

  • The Misunderstanding Surrounding Money Management
  • The Role of Stewardship in Building Wealth
  • The Freedom in Proper Capital Allocation
  • The Common Pitfall: Reactive Spending
  • Investing in Today and Tomorrow
  • The Power of Guilt-Free Spending

If you want to dive deep into the importance of allocating income meticulously, investing wisely, and prioritising experiences over material possessions, then make sure to listen to this episode!

Show Notes:

0:00 – Intro

01:09 – The Number One Thing That Sets Us Up for Success

02:13 – The Importance of Allocating Your Capital

03:39 – Working Out Where to Invest Your Capital

04:52 – Outro

We’ve all been there: people—sometimes even those closest to us critique our spending habits. “How can you afford that?” they ask, or “Why are you spending money on that?” 

The scepticism could be both unnerving and frustrating. But what if the real issue isn’t how you spend your money but how well you manage it? 

After 20 years of successful wealth-building and financial management, I believe the key lies in mastering the art of financial stewardship. 

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