Top Strategies for Smarter Mortgage and Investment Decisions

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In this episode Kan and I explore mortgages, property investments, building wealth, and everything in between. 

We discuss how to avoid emotional pitfalls in financial decision-making, the benefits of buying your first property within your first few years of working, and the need for a solid debt management plan. 

Kan and I also cover key considerations for determining mortgage affordability and stress the importance of “sensitivity analysis” for navigating financial uncertainties.


00:00 – Intro

01:11 – The Exciting Path of House-Hunting and Financial Planning

05:50 – From Negotiation Mind Games to Genuine Deals

09:28 – Challenging Misconceptions and Embracing Leverage

15:53 – Understanding Financial Velocity

23:07 – Lifestyle vs Financial Reality

28:46 – Exploring Options for Young Investors

33:50 – Blueprint for Smart Real Estate Decisions

39:48 – Realistic Approach to Property Investment

46:50 – Outro

The journey of buying a home is marked with excitement, anticipation, and many essential considerations. 

I recently sat down with my friend Kan to discuss his experiences and insights into house hunting, which offers valuable lessons and insights for potential homebuyers. 

Here’s what we unearthed in our conversation.

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