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In today’s episode, I talk to a specific cohort of business owners who might be feeling that they’re high net worth on paper – but they don’t feel rich. We discuss the courses of action to building sustainable wealth and the impact of using these strategies. Unfortunately, the strategies aren’t all that accessible, so we also discuss considering alternative investments.

We cover:

  • why this isn’t an uncommon experience for business owners,
  • the three courses of action to building sustainable wealth,
  • the impacts of using the three key strategies,
  • why these three strategies aren’t that accessible, and 
  • why you should consider alternative investments.
Show Notes:
00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:55 – This is Not an Uncommon Experience
00:04:13 – The Three Courses of Action to Building Sustainable Wealth
00:07:31 – The Impacts of Using the Three Key Strategies
00:12:23 – Why These Three Strategies Aren’t That Accessible
00:13:30 – Why You Should Consider Alternative Investments
00:15:19 – Outro

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